Know Your Numbers/Health Risk Assessments


Wellness Incentive Dollars Health Risk Assessments Your individual results are kept private by Scottsdale Health Care and will not be shared with anyone in the district. All Board Approved Employees are eligible and encouraged to participate. Screenings include: •    Online questionnaire will give you an overview on your general health •    Lipids (Total Cholesterol, LDL,  (more…)

Annual Health Risk Assessments

Know Your Numbers! Everyone knows their phone number and pin number but do you know your cholesterol or glucose numbers?  Please consider attending the Health Risk Assessments.  Employees attending the event will receive great WM incentive items!  Health Risk Assessments For MCCCD Benefit eligible employees.  Spouse/Partner who is under MCCCD Benefits may also attend and  (more…)

Do you know your numbers?

Everyone knows a lot about their cars. You know your car’s MPG, the kind of gasoline you should use, the kind of oil you need, how often to change it, the type of engine you have, etc. What about your body?  Do you know your blood pressure, or yourblood cholesterol levels?  What about your blood glucose or yourbody composition?  (more…)

What are HRA’s and where can I get one?

Health Risk Assessment (HRA): The HRA is a questionnaire that will ask you various lifestyle questions on topics such as: tobacco use, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, automobile safety, alcohol, medical information and biometric information (height, weight, cholesterol, etc.) On Site Testing: Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Body Composition Analysis, Height and Weight. Coming  (more…)