Wellness Incentive Dollars

Health Risk Assessments

Your individual results are kept private by Scottsdale Health Care and will not be shared with anyone in the district. All Board Approved Employees are eligible and encouraged to participate.

Screenings include:

•    Online questionnaire will give you an overview on your general health
•    Lipids (Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Ratio, Triglycerides) and glucose screening
•    Blood Pressure and Pulse
•    Height, Weight, and Waist Circumference
•    Cotinine (Nicotine test) mouth swab (Only for those who are not currently receiving the credit)
•    Consult- a health coach will be available to go over your results and answer your questions.

*If you have been to your doctor within the last 9 months and have your numbers already.  You may do the PHP online and then have your physician fill out the screening results form which can either be faxed to Scottsdale Healthcare (480)882-5875,) or brought with you to an on-site clinic. NOTE: Wellness and MCCCD Human Resources offices will not accept completed biometric screening results forms since your results are protected health information. The biometric screening results form must be faxed (to the number above) directly to Scottsdale Healthcare by the employee.

**New Employees: If you were hired after January 2014 and are earning your Wellness Credits, you do not need have the assessment done again.

***The on-site HRAs are designed to be accessible and convenient for our employees.  However, if any employee should prefer to have their HRAs completed off site there will be other options available.  A list of locations and a voucher will be provided in your open enrollment packets.  Employees may also use their primary care physician in lieu of our on-site HRAs.

Complete your PHP (Personal Health Profile) online @ https://workforcehealth.com

The PHP is a questionnaire that will ask you various lifestyle questions on topics such as: tobacco use, nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and other lifestyle questions. Completing your profile online will expedite your registration process the day of your health screening.  Please make sure you input your correct code for the location you wish to attend.  After completing your PHP you will be directed to make an appointment.

Wellness Incentive Dollars FAQs

Campus Date Time Room Passcode
DSSC 3/17/2014 8am – 2pm Employee Lounge DO2014
GCC Main 3/18/2014 7am -12pm SU104AB GCC2014
RIO 3/20/2014 8am – 2pm Conf. Center RIO2014
PVCC 3/25/2014 7am -1pm KSC1000A PVCC2014
MSC 3/26/2014 11am – 1pm B 401& 402 MSC2014
MCC – RM 3/27/2014 8am – 11am M200 RedMtn2014
DSSC #2 3/31/2014 8am – 2pm Employee Lounge DO2014
SMCC 4/2/2014 10am – 2pm Su 100 SMCC2014
GCC North 4/3/2014 8am-11am C130 GCC2014
SCC 4/4/2014 7am -1pm South Gym SCC2014
GCC Main #2 4/8/2014 8am -1pm SU104D GCC2014
MCC#1 4/9/2014 8am – 12pm LB145 MCC2014
PC 4/10/2014 8am -3 pm Campus Vista-Library PC2014
EMCC 4/15/2014 8am – 12pm Plaza Gallery EMCC2014
CGCC – Williams 4/16/2014 8am – 12pm Bridget 150 CGCC2014
MCC#2 4/17/2014 7:30am -10:30am LB145 MCC2014
CGCC-Main 4/22/2014 8am – 2pm SC140 CGCC2014
GWCC 4/23/2014 9am – 2pm TBD GWCC2014
SCC 4/24/2014 7am – noon South gym SCC2014